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AFM NEWS February 9th 2011

ONSLAUGHT – Sounds Of Violence Is Released!!

With the album now released, the work is turning to live dates and putting the finishing touches to the campaign.

A full web-wheel for the “Sounds Of Violence” record can be found at;

…and the guys have been spending much of the week explaining the concept. To one avid DJ last week…

(Nige Rockett) "My one and only lyrical inspiration for “SOUNDS OF VIOLENCE” was true life really.. This world has always been a potentially violent place to live in and it always will be.. There is always gonna be some fucking psychopaths or megalomaniacs out there that want to cause death and destruction to the others; that’s been the way of the world throughout history and to me religion is the root of most evil… The lyrics on Sounds of Violence are all 100% true stories; there is no fiction whatsoever; it’s all real heavy shit….. I’ll give you a fast breakdown of just a few of the tracks….

‘BORN FOR WAR’- about child soldiers….

'THE SOUND OF VIOLENCE’ - Onslaught gets first hand reports from combat soldiers we are linked to that are fighting in Afghanistan, and I used this for the songs lyrical inspiration …….

‘GODHEAD’ - about an American religious cult, which still exists and spreads its filth today..

‘REST IN PIECES’ - depicts the actions of a very famous mass murderer…

‘CODE BLACK’ - the rise of an extreme & violent superpower…

‘ANTITHEIST'- is very real…; the lyrics play a very important part in painting an extremely dark and brutal picture for the albums backdrop…"

“Sounds Of Violence” is available now in all standard formats, as well as a limited edition, 666 run, Black Vinyl special edition… and the band’s Facebook page is still carrying extracts of the tracks “Suicideology” and “Godhead”, whilst the album was one of the biggest added CD’s on American radio last week!.

Link to the song Godhead:
Facebook :

Link to just one of the many interviews already printed;


Christof, Fludid and the boys are out on the road as we speak, but to catch up on all things TNB, check out the exclusive web wheel ......(;

......tracks on Reverbnation@ (

…..and the band’s Youtube channel or Facebook page



which also feature the exclusive track “Love Is Blue”, the bonus track from their debut 2009 album.