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Lahannya has always lived life on her own terms, eschewing convention and bending the rigid
rules imposed by society to her advantage. It is therefore no surprise that her first release was a
totally self-produced track on the Amduscias compilation of anarchist US diy label Zenflesh.
Amidst the aural assault of Noise/Girl and the nightmare soundscapes of Petit Mal, Lahannya's
"Drowning" at first appears to be a highly unusual contribution, but in terms of attitude and philosophy
Lahannya is a perfect fit. Inspired by the positive feedback and the Zenflesh way of just
doing it, Lahannya went on to produce her debut EP and release it on her own label. The 4-track
"Drowning" EP was very positively received by fanzines and underground music Web sites worldwide,
which compared its sound to Throwing Muses, Cranes and a more ambient Garbage.
2008 Welcome to the underground
2008 Welcome to the underground - Bio
2008%20lahannya%20welcome%20po4%20thumb.jpg 2008%20lahannya%20welcome%20po1%20thumb.jpg 2008%20lahannya%20band%20web%20shot%20thumb.jpg 2008%20lahannya%20-%20art%20in%20black%20session%20-%20in%20blue%20thumb.jpg 2008%20lahannya%20-%20art%20in%20black%20session%20-%20%20po21%20thumb.jpg 2008%20lahannya%20-%20art%20in%20black%20session%20-%20%20po9%20thumb.jpg 2008%20lahannya%20-%20art%20in%20black%20session%20-%20%20po22%20thumb.jpg lahannya%20cover%20defiance%20thumb.jpg
2009 Defiance
2009 Defiance - Bio
209%20lahannya%20band%20portrait%20defiance%20thumb.jpg 2009%20lahannya%20cover%20portrait%20defiance%20thumb.jpg
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