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2007 VII
2009 Ride The Sky
2009 Ride The Sky Biography
At Vance is home to one of Germany’s most charismatic guitarists, Olaf Lenk (ex Velvet Viper / Zed Yago), who has been working under the At Vance banner since 1999 with esteemed vocalists such as Oliver Hartmann (ex-Centers) and Mats Leven (Yngwie Malmsteen); but a chance meeting with Rick Altzi in 2007 led to the cementing of a team that has now released two great albums and continues to go from strength to strength. 2010 will see the release of new album “Decade” and although each At Vance album is little more than a refinement of the idea, it’s set to be yet another strong and determined release. Last album, 2009’s “Ride The Sky”, certainly was!”

Rick Altzi - Vocals
Olaf Lenk – Guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals
Wolfman – Live bass
Alex Landenburg – Live drums