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2007 Doom of Destiny
2009 Utopia Biography
2009 Utopia
German power metal band Axxis actually began life on EMI back in the late 1980’s and recently celebrated twenty years in the business but the band really came to notice here quite recently (2008) when they opened for Helloween and took crowds by storm. Centered on the writing partnership of Bernhard Weiss and Harry Oellers, the band has been making waves in Germany for many years, but the album that accompanied that tour “Doom Of Destiny” and it’s follow up, the 2009 album “Utopia”, went alongway to once again putting Axxis where they belong here, in the vanguard of German Power Metal up alongside Helloween and Gamma Ray.

Bernhard Weiss (Vocals)
Harry Oellers (Keyboards)
Marco Wriedt (Guitars)
Rob Schomaker (Bass)
Alex Landenburg (Drums)