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Brainstorm was formed in 1989 by guitarists Torsten Ihlenfeld and Milan Loncaric, Brainstorm came to the AFM family after a very successful run of albums with Metal Blade in 2009 and presented fans with the wonderful album “Memorial Roots” on tour with Primal Fear the same month. Renowned for the strength of singer Andy B Franck (who also brought with him his other band Symphorce), Brainstorm are an unusual band to carry the Power Metal tag and as the tour with Primal Fear showed, they certainly pull few punches when thinking outside of the standard musical box. Having worked with famous producers such as Charlie Bauerfeind and Achim Kohler and toured with the likes of Iced Earth, this band are going to be a force to be reckoned with for many a year. "Memorial Roots" is a beautiful beast, a real ball of steel but also an emotional masterpiece that stretches the band's immense talents and shows a radical new side to the writing team! Welcome to the team!

Andy B. Franck – Vocals
Milan Loncaric – Guitar
Torsten Ihlenfeld - Guitar
Antonio Leva – Bass
Dieter Bernert – Drums
2009 Memorial Roots
2009 Memorial Roots Biography