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Dark Age is a German melodic death metal band from the Hamburg area formed in 1994 by Eike Freese (guitar, vocals), and André Schumann (drums), who, originally entitled Dyer's Eve, (in 1995) re-entitled themselves Dark Age after a Vader song title of the same name. Having been fiercely independent throughout most of their career with Freese being not only the main songwriter but also the band’s producer, the band came to the AFM family in 2009 with a wonderful track record and immense respect throughout the scene, but the ensuing album “Acedia”, their sixth studio effort, was a revelation and the band has since gone from strength to strength.

Eike Freese – All vocals, Guitar
Jorn Schubert – Guitar
Alex Frank – Bass
Andre Schumann - Drums
Martin Reichert - Keyboards
2009 Acedia
2009 Acedia Biography
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