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The vehicle of one Thomas Gurrath, Debauchery (or as it’s better known ‘The Debauchery Warmachine’) has been presenting quality Death Metal with a Hard Rock edge over some six albums since 2003 and although never really more than Thomas himself with hired members (who have included Thomas Naumann (Primal Fear) and well known producer Dennis Ward), the band has gained a lot of credibility on the European scene through dynamic tours with bands such as Destruction. Debauchery was never going to be subtle and their image has often landed Thomas in hot water – he recently made the news when he was ordered to quit his day job as a teacher. Officials stateing that his performances were "a form of mental instability that made him unsafe to be around children" and he was informed he would have to choose between teaching and his music. Gurrath not surprisingly, chose the latter – but this music needs characters like Thomas and he continues to be a strident part of the AFM family. Debut “Kill Maim Burn” sees it’s re-issue here on July 19th.

Thomas Gurrath (Vocals)
Tomasz Janiezewski (ex Belphegor)
2007 Back in Blood
debauchery%20back%20in%20blood%20cover%20norm%20thumb.jpg debauchery%20continue%20cover%20thumb.jpg
2008 Continue to Kill
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2009 Rockers and War
2009 Rockers and War Bio