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Started way back in 2000 by guitarist Alex Kraft (Onkel Tom and Dirty Deeds) and originally featuring Tom Angelripper from Sodom, this bunch of Western themed rabble rousers came to the AFM family with the 2006 album “The Legend And The Truth” and followed that with the 2008 follow up “Eye For An Eye” which told the story of one young Hank, who in 1898 shot dead his friend in the name of revenge and was condemned to death by the State of Arizona. Kraft has gone on to work with Tom again and once again with producer Dennis Ward who cites that “Legend…” album as quite possibly his first for the AFM stable, but much is expected from Alex when the band reconvenes later this year.

Alex Kraft (Vocals, Guitar)
Alex Weigand (Bass)
Markus Kullmann (Drums)
2006 The Legend and the Truth
dezperadoz%20legend%20po1%20thumb.jpg dezperadoz%20legend%20po2%20thumb.jpg
2008 Eye for an Eye
dezperadoz%20eye%20cover%20thumb.jpg dezperadoz%20eye%20po1%20thumb.jpg