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EBM and German hardcore techno is a field not often associated with AFM, but in the guise of Eisbrecher, the band set up by Alexx Wesselsky and DJ Noel Pix in 2002, the label has found an inspired and wonderful ground-breaking band that has transformed itself from underground phenomena to Top 5 selling artist (with latest album “Eiszeit”) in some 8 years. Wesseslsky and Pix started out as a duo but with live members now added, have become one of the draws of the year in the homeland and it’s hoped that the success of “Eiszeit” will see them now take this both to the rest of Europe, where the band will support Alice Cooper in the Fall, and to the US breaking the idea that the only band with Oomph !! that can break out of Germany is Rammstein.

Noel Pix – Vocals & Guitar, Programs
Alexx Wesselsky – Vocals
Jurgen Plangger - Guitars
Oli Pohl – Bass
Rene – Drums, Percussion
Maximator – Keyboards
2006 Antikorper
eisbrecher%20anti%20cover%20thumb.jpg eisbrecher%20anti%20po1%20thumb.jpg
2008 Sunde
2008 Sunde Bio
eisbrecher%20sunde%20cover%20thumb.jpg eisbrecher%20sunde%20po1%20thumb.jpg mepr_12apr10022001.gif