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Centered on charismatic frontman and guitarist Zoltan ‘Zoli; Farkas, Ektomorf is a band that has struggled to push itself to the fore of European thrash, but through hard work and dedication came to AFM after a time with Nuclear Blast brimming with ideas and aggression. Originally from Hungary, Zoli is now based in Hamburg and the ensuing album “What Doesn’t Kill Me….” reflected much of that journey and angst. The breakthrough for this band it’s argued, probably came when the band started a long-time collaboration and friendship with Danish producer Tue Madsen in 2003? Madsen helped the band to really find its very own sound: Super fat, modern and powerful; and this quickly established Zoli’s dream as one of the most successful Hungarian bands, well known for their intense, energetic, mind blowing live shows and wonderfully heavy yet precise albums. A special edition of the 2009 album has just been released with the EP “The Gypsy Way” included and it’s hoped that the UK will before long witness the power of this band live.

Zoltán ‘Zoli’ Farkas (Vocals, Guitar)
Sabolcs Murvai (Bass)
Tamás Schrottner (Guitar)
Jozsef Szakács (Drums)
2009 What Doesn't Kill Me
2009 What Doesn't Kill Me Bio
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