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Based in the beautiful country of Italy, Elvenking have slowly morphed into one of the most interesting and deep artists on the AFM roster. Mixing classic folk music backgrounds with powerful Heavy Metal in the vein of, but not copying, bands such as Skyclad, the boys have created an aura around them that has allowed them to blend their love of all things heavy with wonderful artwork, creative storylines and superb live shows. Last album, 2008’s “Two Tragedy Poets…. And A Caravan Of Weird Figures” and superb guidance from manager and long-term cohort Mat Sinner (who will oversee the production of new album “Red Silent Tides” this year with Dennis Ward in the chair) has produced a band with a real creative flair for the product and one which is sure to surpass last year’s achievements of the Prog Power Festival in the US and Metalfest here in the UK.

Damna – Vocals
Aydan – Guitar
Zender – Drums
Gorlan – Bass
Elyghen – Keyboards / Violin
2007 The Scythe
elvenking%20scythe%20cover%20thumb.jpg elvenking%20scythe%20p09%20thumb.jpg elvenking%20scythe%20po1%20thumb.jpg
2008 Two Tragedy Poets and a caravan
elvenking%20poets%20cover%20sml%20thumb.jpg elvenking%20poets%20po1%20thumb.jpg elvenking%20poets%20po2%20thumb.jpg
2008 Two Tragedy Poets and a caravan Bio