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Led by charismatic frontman Ben Sotto, Heavenly have been plouging the furrow of Power Metal in France since 1994 and with latest album, 2009’s “Carpe Diem”, laid down a marker on a style that has increasingly begun to blend a huge slice of Freddy Mercury like vocal pattern and enduring, powerhouse riffage. Produced by Phil Colodetti "Carpe Diem" is an album that illustrates just why this band is so optimistic about the future. Switching eloquently from the Queen inspired "Farewell" with some beautiful piano from Nicolas Marco to the driving, power metal of "Full Moon" which brings to mind the deft touch of bands like Gamma Ray and Stratovarius, "Carpe Diem" is an album oozing with passion and intensity, with a powerful cover image beautifully presented by Kamelot artist Derek Gores, and a theme that deals with the morality of the title which is taken, of course, from the Horace poem which first coined the phrase.

Ben Sotto - Vocals
Charley Corbiaux – Guitars
Olivier Lapauze - Guitar
Matthieu Plana – Bass
Piwee - Drums
2007 Virus
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2009 Carpe Diem
2009 Carpe Diem Bio
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