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When talking about revered musicians on a label, there are possibly none more loved than Jon Oliva, the man behind possibly one of the greatest bands in the world (Savatage) who, now, with the core of Circle II Circle from 2003, has reached album number four in a seven year spell that has resulted in some of the best Progressive Metal to come out of the States since that band itself graced the boards of Europe? Described by Oliva as a meeting of “Hall Of The Mountain King” (one of the definitive progressive metal albums of the last 20 years) and the album “Maniacal Renderings”, the work-horse that spurred on the early work ethic, especially when they made the move to AFM from SPV in 2006, the album in question, entitled “Festival” is a release that will define it’s creator in all but name for many years. “Festival” will be at the vanguard of any JOP set and is testimony to the vibrancy which Oliva producers and which the band itself draws from the Master.

Jon Oliva - Vocals / Keyboards
Tom McDyne – Guitars
Matt Laporte - Guitar
Kevin Rothney – Bass
Chris Kinder – Drums

Whilst, of course, Chris Caffery is included here because of his associations and links with Jon that go back to the band TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra) and Savatage itself. Chris’ last album “House Of Insanity” was a masterclass in guitar wizardry and Chris is one of those musicians – always requested, available to all of his many friends throughout the industry and always on the hunt for new experiences, so much so that he’s played with Doro, John Macaluso and Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens recently. “House Of Insanity” is at times, a challenging album… the title reveals just some of the more intriguing sides to Caffery, particularly in tracks like “The Fleas” - but with the amount of influences on show and the great playing of this true aficionado, no one can claim that Chris is either insane nor dull.

All instruments – Chris Caffery
Guest Slots – Vocals Zak Stevens.
Drums – John Macaluso
2006 Maniacal Renderings
jop%20maniacal%20cover%20thumb.jpg jop%20live%202006%2001%20thumb.jpg jop%20live%202006%2002%20thumb.jpg jop%20straight%20jacket%20cover%20thumb.jpg
2006 Straightjacket EP
jop%20maniacal%20po13%20thumb.jpg jop%20global%20cover%20thumb.jpg
2008 Global Warning
jop%20global%20po1%20solo%20chris%20k.%20thumb.jpg jop%20global%20po1%20thumb.jpg jop%20global%20po2%20solo%20jon%20o.%20thumb.jpg chris%20caffery%20house%20cover%20thumb.jpg
2009 House of Insanity Chris Caffery
chris%20caffery%202%20thumb.jpg chris%20caffery%203%20thumb.jpg jop%20festival%20cover%20-%20small%20thumb.jpg jon%20oliva%20live%20po1%20thumb.jpg jop%20festival%20band%20po1%20thumb.jpg jop%20festival%20jon%20po1%20thumb.jpg
2010 Festival
2009 House of Insanity Chris Caffery Bio
2010 Festival Bio