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Whilst it’s true that AFM has a large number of established and revered artists, it’s one time in a million you come across a young band like this barely out of its teens, that epitomises what all the other hard working bands strive for. From Swabia, Germany, Kissin Dynamite have produced rock songs that fizz and when Udo Dirckshneider himself first saw them, he knew he had to record with them – a song called “Addicted To Metal” that became not only the title of their 2010 album but also the anthem that opens it. Great things are expected of these boys… Critics are already praising Kissin´ Dynamite as “the best new German band since Edguy”…, and that’s not being too OTT. Praise Indeed!!

Hannes Braun – Vocals
Ande Braun – Guitars
Jim Miller - Guitars
Steffen Haile – Bass
Andreas Schnitzer – Drums