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Created by one Bogdan Costea in 2002, Romanian Gothic Metal band Magica come from the old-school of hard rocking female fronted acts like Lacuna Coil and Nightwish, but with the strong rhythm section and the exquisitely named 6 Fingers in the keyboard department, bring so much more to the table than a simple female fronted hard rock act can. Ana Mladinovichi guested with Axxis on their 2008 tour with Helloween and the band has graced the pages of many a powerful magazine with their four ensuing albums since. Latest album “Dark Diary” has just hit the streets, the second release in the unofficial “Feminine Trio Global Assault 2010” series this year.

Ana Mladinovici – Vocals
Bogdan Costea – Guitars
Vali Zechiu – Bass
Cristi Barla – Drums
6 Fingers - Keyboards
2007 Hereafter
magica%20here%20po3%20thumb.jpg magica%20wolves%20cover%20thumb.jpg
2008 Wolves and Witches
magica%20wolves%20-%20anna%202%20thumb.jpg magica%20wolves%20po2%20thumb.jpg
2008 Wolves and Witches Bio