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It’s rare for new bands to get any real recognition right from the off, especially in a country like Sweden where new bands of all styles are two-a-penny, but Manimal are no puppies and are radically different to the norm. Formed in Gothenburg in 2001, the group grew from within the local scene when singer Samuel Nyman joined a band consisting of Henrik Stenroos (guitar), Richard Mentzer (drums) and his brother Pether (bass); but it wasn’t long before the guys found that Samuel’s characteristic high pitched style complemented the band’s music so superbly that it made for stunning songs that had so far eluded all previous efforts. After appearances at Sweden Rocks and Metaltown amongst others, and also on countless support bills to bands such as Mustasch, the Entombed, The Poodles and Circus Maximus, they released their debut album for the AFM family “The Darkest Room” in 2009 and now, with new agents in Red Lion Music, look set to be on the up. Watch out for that name in 2011.

Sam Nyman (Vocals)
Henrik Stenroos (Guitar)
Pether Mentzer (Bass)
Richard Mentzer(Drums)
2009 The Darkest Room
2009 The Darkest Room Bio
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