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Mob Rules were founded in Germany back in 1994 by the triumvirate of Klaus Dirks (vocals), Thorsten Plorin (bass) and Matthias Mineur (guitar) and although Plorin is now a distant memory, the band arrived on the AFM family last year with the incredibly ambitious “Radical Peace” album that would include the 18 minute track “The Oswald File”, based on the relationship between Lee Harvey Oswald, the John F. Kennedy assassination, and the famous election of Barack Obama that inspired the track. With seven albums now in the can, the career of this band has been a dynamic and wonderfully eclectic ride – but they’ve never been afraid to push the boundaries of lyrics or music back and somehow, having them on AFM, closed the chapter on their development and that of the label that proved that it’s as much about developing its own scene as it is about developing the World Market. “Radical Peace” is not only thematically but also musically a step forward for the band in both power and dynamism. Unmistakeable is the harder direction of the new album, which, although radically pushing them forward, doesn't break the hold on their essential sound and we look forward to live shows in 2011 with interest.

Klaus Dirks- Vocals
Matthias Mineur – Guitars
Sven Luke - Guitars
Markus Brinkmann – Bass
Nikolas Fritz - Drums
Sascha Omnen – Keyboards
2009 Astral Hands EP
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2009 Radical Peace
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2009 Radical Peace Bio