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The intriguing mix of Greek classicaly trained opera singer and Turkish Heavy Metal band that is Dreamtone and Iris Mavraki’s Neverland (Neverland for short) is another immense feather in the cap for AFM. Formed as far back as 2004 and with two albums in the can including the sumptuous 2010 release “Ophidia”, this band proves that cultural divisions can be crossed and great music created. Mavraki first became aware of Dreamtone whilst singing in Istanbul for a local orchestra and although her background was immensely different to that of the young metal band, it has produced two albums of immense diversity and depth; 2008’s “Reversing Time” and the aforementioned 2010 release which has seen the band invited on to the European tour of Jon Oliva’s Pain for October 2010.

Oganalp (Canatan) – Vocals
Iris Mavraki - Vocals
Burak (Kahraman) – Guitars
Onur (Ozkoc) - Guitars
Can (Dedekarginoglu) – Bass
Guney (Ozsan) - Keyboards
Emrecan (Sevdin) – Drums
2008 Reversing Time
neverland%20reversing%20cover%20thumb.jpg neverland%20reversing%20po1%20thumb.jpg neverland%20reversing%20po2%20thumb.jpg neverland%20ophidia%20cover%20hi%20thumb.jpg
2010 Ophedia
2010 Ophedia Bio