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Formed back in Grenoble, France in 1979 and having celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2009, this band can safely claim to be one of the longest running artists on the AFM roster, but coming to the label with their new album “Insurrection” in 2009, they certainly didn’t give any sign that age had tempered them. They’ve had some dramatic and tragic changes in their long career with both French and English singers such as Tom Jackson (Praying Mantis) having passed through the ranks, but 2009 marked a new step in Nightmare's career and an important turnaround with the arrival of JC Jess on guitar and "Insurrection" itself that put them firmly back on the map as a creative spearhead in Europe's Metal scene. The new material is strong, fresh and heavy and comes with an up-to-date sound.... In all a beautifully rounded effort that does them proud.

Jo Amore - vocals
Franck Milleliri – guitars
JC Jess – guitars
Yves Campion – bass
David Amore - drums
2009 Insurrection
nightmare%20insurrection%20cover%20sml%20thumb.jpg nightmare%20insurrection%20band%20po1%20thumb.jpg
2009 Insurrection