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The history of Swedes Nostradameus dates back to one dark Gothenburg night in 1998 when vocalist Freddy Persson and guitarist Jake Freden (then in Death Metal band Vapid) were sitting listening to a few old tunes on a car stereo on the way to a Gamma Ray / Iron Savior show and ruminating on the fact that not enough bands in their area could play this stuff....? Jump forward past that year's Wacken Open Air however, and an idea that had started to the tune of old Helloween and Maiden classics, now took on a new turn as Jake and Freddy laid plans to form what would later become Nostradameus... Vapid's then drummer, Gustav was asked to keep everything in check with a heavy rhythm and Freddy (who'd never actually played the instrument before) became the bass player, but it wasn't really until early 1999 that things really started to take off as the band, then really only playing for fun in local rock competitions, was spotted by a company called Gain Productions who insisted on the band doing a demo, which reached the offices of AFM in the April, starting the ball rolling on a career that has now spanned some ten years and some six albums. Not bad for two guys from Gothenburg who just wanted to play in the odd rock competition and have a bit of fun! Last album “Illusion’s Parade” came out in 2009.

Freddy Persson - Vocals
Jake Freden – Guitars
Lennart Specht - Guitars
Thomas Antonsson – Bass
Esko Salow - Drums
2009 Illusions Parade
2009 Illusions Parade Bio