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Originally founded in June 1996 as Tanzende Aingewaide (a name that originally allowed them simply to run their own festival at home in Germany and get up on the stage...) this band changed their name to Orden Ogan in 1997 in order to record three demos; "Into Oblivion" (1997), "Anthem To The Darkside" (1998) and "Soli Deo Gloria" (1999), which received good press responses and led to people spreading the word far and wide. But it could have all ended there, had it not been for the strength of an ‘unofficial’ first album called “Testimonium” and a small company called Yonah that released the band’s official debut “Vale” in 2008. Now that the band has signed to AFM records though, to share the roster with bands like Doro, U.D.O., Edguy and Avantasia, this band can finally compete on a level playing field with just some of the bands (such as In Flames, In Extremo, Blaze, Rage, etc..) that they have shared stages with since that now famous 2004 'privately self released' debut which received an average of 9.5 in all the German press and catapulted what was then only a small band into the limelight! The bombastic choirs and orchestral arrangements of 2010 album "Easton Hope" are already setting new standards on the International scene, so look out for this band this year. They’re on tour for the rest of the year and hope to come to the UK in the Fall?

Seeb - Vocals / Guitar
Tobi – Guitars
Lars – Bass
Nils - Keyboards / Vocals
Ghnu - Drums
2010 Easton Hope
2010 Easton Hope Bio
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