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Formed in Bremen in 2002, President Evil have had the ride of a lifetime, from producing initial demos with Andy Classen (Tankard, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter) in their early days to supporting Alan Jurgensesn’s Ministry on their European tour in 2006, but a recent change of singer when Johnny Holze retired has thrown some doubt over the future career of the band. Two tremendous albums in the shape of 2006’s “Trash ‘N Roll Asshole Show” and 2008’s “Hell In A Box” suggested at more though and as soon as new singer Chris ‘Howling’ Birx can be introduced to the live audience and new material written, you’d better watch out for this bunch!

Diamond Dennis – Drums
Chris Brix – Vocals
Ace Renner – Guitar
James Lars – Guitar
Godspeed Topf – Drums
2006 Trash n Roll Asshole Show
2008 Hell in a Box