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Diehard Old School Metal-Heads RAM joined the AFM family back in 2009 clutching their major label debut “Lightbringer” and journalists throughout Europe thought they’d won the Lottery but created back in '99 when Harry Granroth, who wanted to form a real Heavy Metal band but was sick of the miss-interpretation of metal that ruled the scene back then, got on the blower to a few local friends, this band was no one day wonder. Built through a gruelling touring schedule and built around two extremely well respected figures in vocalist Oscar Carlquist and ex B-Thong drummer Morgan Petterson, RAM was all about making your roots work for you and although the band wears its old school Metallica and Mercyful Fate badges proudly on its sleeve, the album was a quality piece of work. The band has been out playing almost every festival known to man in the last twelve months so watch out for new material in 2011.

Oscar Carlquist (Vocals)
Harry Granroth (Guitar)
Daniel Johansson (Guitars)
Morgan Pettersson (Drums)
2009 Lightbringer
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2009 Lightbringer Bio