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Chris Impellitteri calls him “The Voice Of Impellitteri” and many of his peers “The Voice Of Rock” itself, but vocalist Rob Rock is more than just the singer at the front of the band. Since the 1980’s when he began singing with the covers band Vice, Rock has been not only one of the most prolific writers and singers of his generation, but also one of the most diligent. From the career of Impellitteri (who recently reformed and released the album “Wicked Maiden”) to the 1986 “M.A.R.S. Project Driver” album which he recorded with Rudy Sarzo, Tony MacAlpine and Tommy Aldridge, and from the bands Joshua, Avantasia, Warrior and Driver which he reformed with Roy Z just last year, Rock has sung on some of the greatest music ever penned and has equally helped write several of the greatest guitar anthems known. In recent years, Rob has been almost as solo as he has participating in other projects; his first totally solo record “Rage Of Creation” was followed by three others; “Eyes Of Eternity”, “Holy Hell” and 2007’s “Garden Of Chaos”, all of which received wonderful reviews from the press, but a live release from Atlanta’s Prog Power Extravaganza in 2009 proved just why Rob is so admired by the ‘glitterati’ of the music business and fans around the world.

Rob Rock (Vocals)
Carl Johan (CJ) Grimmark (Guitar)
Peter Halgren (Guitar)
Andreas Johansson (Drums)
Andreas Olsson (Bass)
2007 Garden of Chaos
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2000 Atlanta Live
2000 Atlanta Live Bio