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Arguably one of the most influential guitar players that ever graced Heavy Metal, Ross The Boss (aka; Ross Friedman) joined the AFM family back in 2008 when the band that had re-created the buzz for his career, the band Ivory Knight (who also had a little side-line going called Men Of War at the time by the way?) joined together with the great man and set out to record the album “New Metal Leader”, the album that would put the name of Ross The Boss back on the Metal map. Ross’ history goes way back. From New York punk band the Dictators to the band Manowar, whom he helped form in 1980 with bass player Joey DeMaio, Ross has become a legend, but some twenty years after the classic “Kings Of Metal”, the last Manowar album to feature Ross, the legacy of those heady days is somehow full circle. Ross is and always was, one of rock’s great survivors. Whether it be with the Dictators, with whom he toured frequently after quitting the band he had created in 1988, Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom or even today with a true metal album that doesn’t deny the past yet displays his charismatic style of creating great music, Ross is a guitarist who wears his colours on his sleeve.
But he points out at every opportunity that even though the band is named after him, this a real band with each member having his share of the whole, not just a backing band with a head honcho that doesn’t credit where credit’s due. He’s been there before. Singer Patrick Fuchs is one of the biggest vocal talents the European metal scene has to offer right now and with his cohorts, (bass player Carsten Ketterling and drummer Matthias Mayer) they certainly let the music do the talking. New album “Hailstorm” is released this Autumn and Ross takes to the stage of Bloodstock this August with special guest Scott Columbus.

Patrick Fuchs – Vocals
Ross The Boss – Guitar
Carsten Ketterling - Bass
Matthias Mayer – Drums
2008 New Metal Leader
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2008 New Metal Leader Bio