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There might not seem an obvious reason for naming your last album (“Everest”) after the highest mountain in the world but then that would be to undermine the amount of talent and progress this band from Bern, Switzerland has displayed since arriving on the international scene with the “Rising” album in 2003. Sure, singer Mark Fox, who had made the vocal seat very much his own, may have gone to be replaced now by John Prakesh but both the last two albums from this band have gone along way to explaining why this bunch supported the mighty Guns And Roses at home and will still go on to be one of the best bands of their generation in the years to come.

2007 album “Infected” (2007) was a big success securing them a fantastic #7 at home in the Swiss album charts and the band also made healthy in-roads into the UK with strong coverage in Powerplay and Fireworks amongst others…, but with the wonderful writing of Thomas Muster and Thom Blunier, you can tell that this band has another great album in it in 2011.

John Prakesh (Vocals)
Thom Blunier (Guitar)
Thomas Muster (Guitar)
Dominik Pfister (Bass)
Roger Tanner (Drums)
2007 Infected
2009 Everest
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2009 Everest Bio