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The first vehicle of German guitar maestro Alex Beyrodt, certainly up until the recent couple of albums from his other band Voodoo Circle, Silent Force sees a cooperation between the classicaly trained guitar of Beyrodt and the passionate Hard Rock vocal of one D.C. Cooper who many claimed could have taken the Priest job from Ripper Owens if only the fates had been in the right direction? This meeting of minds first graced the AFM family back in 2007 when, from a background that had involved Massacre and Sanctuary, Beyrodt released the gem that was “Walk The Earth”. Exactly how Power Metal should sound in 2007, “Walk The Earth” was a chance for Beyrodt to explore the sound of his roots, to get back to the studio sound of bands such as Rainbow and Deep Purple and critics proclaimed it one of the best moments of a career that had up ‘til then seen Alex in Primal Fear and Sinner. D.C. Cooper (ex of Royal Hunt) continues to write furiously with Beyrodt as we go into 2011 and a new Silent Force album is on the cards very soon.

  1. C. Cooper – Vocals
Alex Beyrodt – Guitar
Torsten Rohre – Keyboards
Jurgen Steinmetz – Bass
Andre Hilgers – Drums
2007 Walk the Earth
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