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If there’s one band that defines the new belief in the AFM camp that the label can step out of its perceived box with success, then Chicago boys Soil are a definite example. Originally formed back in 1997 by members of Chicago based death metal acts Oppressor and Broken Hope, Soil’s brand of Alternative Metal and Hard Rock made much more of an impact in the field of bands such as Disturbed, Staind and Shinedown early on, the band’s roots and riffing style leading to one song in particular called “Halo” from the band’s definitive opening major league debut “Scars”, the talk of the town, but since the then singer Ryan McCombs’ departure in 2004 and the recruitment of Los Angeles lad AJ Cavalier into the ranks, the band has moved quietly from Nu-Metal Wonderkids to hard nosed Heavy Rock band bringing through the power of Adam Zadel on guitar, toughening up the rhythm section of Tim Schofield and Tim King and crafting two tremendous albums in “True Self” and the 2009 release and debut for AFM, “Picture Perfect”. The band are currently touring the brilliant and wonderfully received single from that album “Lesser Man” and we hope to see them back here before too long!

  1. J. Cavalier – All vocals
Adam Zadel – Guitar
Tim King – Bass
Tom Schofield - Drums
2009 Picture Perfect
2009 Picture Perfect Bio
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