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Another of the ‘Daddies’ of European Thrash, German band Tankard have been laying down ‘alcohol’ laden lyrics and album titles since 1982 but arrived on the AFM label only in 2002 with the album “B-Day” having spent most of their career on the now defunct Noise International. Built around charismatic singer Gerre, Tankard has endured and lasted where many others have failed but for the Frankfurt based band this is largely because they’ve always given their fans just what they wanted. Touring with most of the successful bands throughout the 1980’s and 90’s and now well on the way to their thirtieth anniversary, this band simply don’t know how to quit and last album “Thirst” (2009) once again proved that they had not only the hunger but also the passion to carry on for another few years yet! New album “Vol(I)ume 14” is set for release in time for Xmas 2010 in time honoured Tankard tradition.

Andreas ‘Gerre’ Geremia – Vocals
Andy Gutjahr – Guitar
Olaf Zissel – Drums
Frank Thorwarth – Bass
2008 Thirst
2008 Thirst Bio
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2010 Open All Night DVD
2010 Open All Night DVD Bio