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The story goes that Bavarian rockers The New Black were formed in 2008 when guitarists Fabian Schwarz (Stormwitch, Tyran Pace, Paradox) and Christof Leim (Sinner) got drunk on a cocktail table at one of the local festivals and discussed their perfect band, only for Schwarz to then turn around later with three songs, that quickly became six, then nine. The reaction was immediate; no sooner had Leim and Schwarz begun the pre-production for their debut, than the band were being heralded as ‘Unsigned Band Of The Month’ throughout the German press; in fact all four majors at once toted this bunch as the band to watch, a feat rarely seen and AFM soon spotted the potential and opened the door to the 2009 debut of the same name? Well it’s a little more complicated than that of course, but with a new album for late 2010, you can’t underestimate the force that is building.….. Featuring the tremendous voice of one Fludid, who channels vocals on to tape in the same way as a whole battlefield of Chad Kroeger and Pepper Keenan wanna-be’s can’t even dream of and who has been described as a meeting between Black Label Society and Thin Lizzy with C.O.C. thrown in for good measure, The New Black stands for Rock – pure and simple!

Fludid – Vocals
Fabian Schwarz – Guitar
Christof Leim - Guitar
Chris Weiss – Drums
Gunt Auschrat – Bass
2009 The New Black
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