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Having changed names from Le Reine Noir to Theatre of Tragedy in 1994, this Norwegian band (formed in Stavanger in 1993) has been at the forefront of the Norwegian and European music scenes for over 15 years making tremendous musical gains through albums such as “Aegis” (1998) and the more electronic and pop orientated “Assembly” (2002), but sad news reached us recently that despite one of its strongest albums to date in the shape of second album for AFM – 2009’s “Forever Is The World”- this band had decided to call it quits and retire this October with Raymond Rohonyi and the boys going their separate ways before possibly reforming under another name after the dust has settled (TBC.)
The band had made tremendous strides for female fronted musical entities during its career. Even though singer Liv Kristine was a casualty of the oft-used ‘musical differences’ phrase the band sought a new voice to work with long-standing male vocalist Raymond and Nell Sigland from the band The Crest has continued the journey with the guys through two wonderful records including both “Forever…..” and its predecessor “Storm” - but the case now seems closed on what was a tremendous relationship and the band, still on tour in South America right now, will go long into the night to be remembered affectionately by all concerned!

Nell Sigland (Vocals)
Raymond Rohonyi (Vocals)
Frank Claussen (Guitars)
Vegard K. Thorsen (Guitars)
Lorentz Aspen (Keyboards)
Heine Frode Hansen (Drums)
2006 Storm
2006%20storm%20theatre%20of%20tragedy%20po2%20thumb.jpg 2006%20storm%20theatre%20of%20tragedy%20thumb.jpg
2009 Forever is the World
2009 Forever is the World Bio
theatre%20of%20tragedy%20-%20forever%202%20thumb.jpg theatre%20of%20tragedy%20(tot)%20forever%20hein%20thumb.jpg theatre%20of%20tragedy%20(tot)%20forever%20nell%20thumb.jpg