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Second vehicle for the talents of Silent Force guitarist Alex Beyrodt, Voodoo Circle joined the AFM roster in time for its debut of the same name in 2008 but this band has largelly become the mainstay for Beyrodt right now and a series of jam sessions with talents from the length and breadth of the rock spectrum such as Mel Gaynor (ex Simple Minds) and David Readman has become a really special way for Beyrodt to put over his vision of Hard Rock for the Naughties. Some 25 songs initially spewed forth from the early sessions, but with the help of Dennis Ward and his own production values, Beyrodt narrowed this down to 11 wonderful songs featuring complimentary musicians such as Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy, Dio, Whitesnake), Richard Anderson (Space Odyssey) and Doogie White (Rainbow) alongside the phalanx of talent that the music of Voodoo Circle has drawn to its heart….. Says Alex of the band - “The great bands of the 70´s achieved their best ideas by extensive jam sessions and had the ability to express something really strong with their music. Voodoo Circle is my way to take the listener back to the vintage sounds, back to extensive, passionate jam sessions, and back to the sweaty live gigs that grew from such a small seed. My team, my band, is built around playing live and knowing how each member thinks and reacts. It’s a beautiful scenario to be in…”
New album “Broken Heart Syndrom” is set for late 2010.

David Readman – Vocals
Alex Beyrodt – Guitar
Mel Gaynor – Drums
Mat Sinner – Bass
Jimmy Kresic – Keyboards
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2008 Voodoo Circle
2008 Voodoo Circle Bio