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This section will feature many of the bands that have graced AFM over the last four years but are not currently signed as well as the varied compilations M.E.P.R. has worked which include “Heartbreakers (Vol.1 & 2)”, “Thrash Til Death” and “All For Metal (Vol. 1 & 2)”; band names such as Krokus, Eden’s Curse, The Poodles, Lion’s Share, Kotipelto, Evidence One, X World 5 and Beautiful Sin have all worked with M.E.P.R. up til now and we hope will continue to do so in the next few years, but until those stats are confirmed you’ll be able to find details of their work in here.

AFM / Soulfood has an agreement with four labels / bands in the UK that M.E.P.R. does not work – 13th Planet (Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Prong), Candlelight (Fear Factory) and the bands Exilia and Blackmore’s Night. All requests on those labels should be refered to Darren Toms at PHD – or Timo Hoffmann at AFM.
2009 All for Metal
2009 All for Metal Bio
2009 Black Messiah - First War
2009 Black Messiah - First War Bio
black%20messiah%20first%20war%20p01%20thumb.jpg heartbreakers%20vol.2%20cover%20thumb.jpg
2009 Heart Breakers Vol 2
2009 Heart Breakers Vol 2 Bio
2008 Squealer - The Circle Shuts
2008 Squealer - The Circle Shuts Bio
squealer%20circle%20po1%20thumb.jpg thrash%20til%20death%20cover%20thumb.jpg
2009 Thrash Till Death
2009 Thrash Till Death Bio