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One of the famous Big Three of German Thrash, Destruction came to the AFM family in 2005 with the album “Inventor Of Evil” and the ensuing years have seen the band, who has had a mixed career path since it’s inception in 1982, go from strength to strength reclaiming its position as one of the major German Thrash Metal bands to play regularly in the UK, setting the stages of both the Bloodstock and Damnation Festivals alight with material from its last album “D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.” Singer and bass player Schmier continues to be one of the scene’s major players featuring on many varied albums including Rage and Pro Pain, but times are moving on and in 2010 the band not only lost long term drummer Marc Reign but also returned to Nuclear Blast, the label that had given them a lifeline with the albums “All Hell Breaks Loose”(2000) and “The Antichrist” (2001). We shall miss them!

Schmier – Bass / Vocals
Mike Sifringer – Guitar
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2007 Thrash Anthems
2007 Thrash Anthems Bio
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2009 The Curse of the AntiChrist Live
2009 The Curse of the AntiChrist Live Bio
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2010 A Savage Symphony DVD
2010 A Savage Symphony DVD Bio